Thursday, September 19, 2013

Random things I looked up today

Man, I am so glad to be a live in 2013 when we have an internet and a google and high speed wireless internet access. When we lived at the farm house, we were using DSL from the cable company and that was fed into a wireless router but now we have the fastest plan the satellite company will allow and it's like lightning fast. I couldn't think as fast as I was googling. ONe minute I'm looking into Canvas Printing for some Christmas gifts (Who WOULDN'T want a giant canvas picture of the wife and I over their fireplace?)
The next minute I'm comparing Shipping Containers Prices because I've always wondered what those would cost, right? I don't even think I found the answer to that question, but I did find a bunch of modular apartments that were made from shipping containers. It's an entire complex in Japan and when people want to move, they just lock their door and it moves them all, rearranges the entire configuration of the building. Can you imagine coming home to find your third story apartment that faces East is now on the twelfth floor and facing West? that could mess with your feng shui for sure.
And the final random thing I was looking into was Sheet Metal Fabricators. One of the sites I found had a bunch of welding videos and to me that's just the most fascinating thing to watch. If I hadn't become an electrical lineman I would have been a welder. Welding is sexy and awesome. It's also harder than it looks. Sheet metal fabricators are great for building things like metal desks and cabinets.

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